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Agents can become #AjoCardMillionaires


Cash Withdrawal

Make money while you help your customers transfer cash and save them the stress of seeking an ATM. AjoCard provides services for you to help people withdraw money from their bank acounts using their ATM cards, on a mobile POS (mPOS) device.

You can earn more than ₦100 for every ATM withdrawal.



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  • 99% uptime on mPOS

  • Instant settlement to your account

  • 0.49% fee per cash withdrawal transaction (less for high volume)

  • Instant alerts on savings deposits

  • Only ₦10 on all bank transfers 

Make money helping people, whether they have a bank account or not. you can earn income by providing financial services to those around you anywhere.


Enroll a market seller, your neighbour, a friend, a business associate into AjoCard's Savings Program and earn commissions helping them save daily or weekly.

You earn 3% of monthly savings + ₦500 per savings card.

What our agents are saying:

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I use AjoCard pocket POS in transacting my business because AjoCard will give you rest of mind with their withdrawal and AjoCard deposit is one of the fastest ever, no issues of deposit with out seeing your money, with immediately effect you will receive your money. That is 100% sure.

- Omutunde, AjoCard Agent

Ever since I have been using AjoCard mPOS it's suit me and business reliably. They respond to issues and if I should rate their platform will give the 4stars. Trust this. Reliable and suitable.

- Adeniyi, AjoCard Agent

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Easy 1-2-3 Signup Process for Agents

  1. Fill out the application online and supply KYC information by snap-and-share on your phone

  2. Pay your starting fee (see below)

  3. Branding materials and your mPOS shipped to you to begin operations 48 hours after your payment


- Android 6.0 or higher required for the mobile app

- GPS capability required on your mobile phone

- Apple iOS phones currently not supported



  • ₦20,000 commitment fee (VAT Excluded)

  • 0.49% fee per cash withdrawal transaction (less for high volume)

  • ₦10 on all bank transfers

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