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AjoCard provides services for agents to allow people to make transactions using their ATM cards, and withdraw funds from their bank accounts using their bank cards, on agent-deployed mobile POS (mPOS) devices.


This is an essential service as ATMs for cash withdrawals are:

  • not readily available.

  • have long queues when available.

  • habitually run out of cash.


AjoCard's mPOS cash out service solves this by:

  • Allowing agents to use their cash-on-hand, coupled with a mPOS, to serve as distributed, virtual ATMs.

  • Giving instant value to the agents in their wallets as they dispense cash.

  • Removing the challenge of agents visiting banks to deposit their surplus cash.

  • Enabling additional revenue stream for agents by making this service available to all bank debit cardholders.


Easy 1-2-3 Signup Process for Agents

  1. Fill out the application forms and supply KYC information and documents.

  2. Attend a training and obtain branding materials.

  3. Obtain your mPOS and terminal ID to begin operations 48 hours after your application approval.


- Android 6.0 or higher required for the mobile app

- GPS capability required on your mobile phone

- Apple iOS phones currently not supported


Cost for Program

  • ₦20,000 commitment fee

  • 0.49% fee on cash withdrawal transaction (stamp duty on transactions from ₦10,000 and above)

  • ₦10 on all bank transfers

  • ₦100,000 per withdrawal limit



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