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Grow your savings business and 
secure your customer's savings from theft!



Help people save, whether they call it Ajo, Adashe, Akawo, Esusu, or something else.

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Savings on AjoCard

Enroll a market seller, your neighbour, a friend, a business associate into AjoCard's Savings Program and earn when you help them save daily or weekly.

You earn a monthly fee +
₦500 per card

How it works...very simply

  1. Register a new customer (saver) on AjoCard app

  2. Give them an AjoCard Membership Card

  3. Collect a fixed amount daily from your customers and they get instant SMS alerts when they deposit

  4. Allow them withdraw at the end of the month

Protected and SAFE

AjoCard owns a microfinance bank (MFB) so your savers' money is well protected

  • Bank grade security is standard, and

  • Deposits are insured by Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)


Everything hidden charges.

  • Like all ajo, adashe, akawo and esusu programs, 1st saving day of the month belongs to you, the agent, and the remaining days belong to the saver

  • We only take 30% of the 1st day which belongs to the agent to cater for SMS alerts sent to the customer


What our agents are saying:


In a week we have 22 savers and it's really helpful, [my customers have] cash readiness for withdrawals, I am looking at when I will have many savers.

- Idakwo Samson, AjoCard Agent

I recently joined AjoCard Savings platform. It has been a wonderful experience, the platform is fast and savings alert is instant. I encourage you to join too.

- Akintunde Williams, AjoCard Agent

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