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AjoCard provides convenience for consumers to safely get cash from their debit cards where no ATMs are available, and to use bank cards in rural areas instead of searching for an ATM and cash before transacting.


This is made possible with the use of a mobile POS (mPOS) solution that agents throughout the country use.


What's Required?

  • Your bank debit card

  • Your PIN


Safe Use at an Agent's Location

  1. Always ask the agent about fees/costs before using the service.

  2. Keep your PIN safe. Do not send anyone with your card to withdraw money from your bank account through your ATM card while you are not present.

  3. All transactions have a unique identification number if it withdraws money from your account. This is called an RRN (Reference Retrieval Number). If there is an issue that can't be resolved amicably between you and the agent, then request the RRN and contact us via WhatsApp to resolve the transaction.



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