Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AjoCard?
AjoCard is a platform that provides financial services to the underserved. It also allows people save time and money by doing transactions with ease through agents and the agents can also make money rendering these services. We also have a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) device that allows agents to serve as virtual ATMs to banked consumers with bank cards for cash withdrawals, and to perform transactions without the need for cash in remote areas.

2. How do I trust an agent?
Agents typically operate in environments that people know them. The agents we deal with are known within their local environment. If you feel uncomfortable with any agent, for whatsoever reason, kindly take your business elsewhere. We believe financial services are personal and trust is a key factor. We screen our agents and KYC them, additionally, we take any complaint seriously. If there are any please contact our support line at 09078767326.

3. What if a transaction fails?
If it fails, it will be resolved within 5 minutes, if it isn't reversed within that time, kindly send a message to us on our WhatsApp 09078767326 line to figure out what the issue might be. Include the RRN (
Reference Retrieval Number) for speedy tracking.

4. The bank debited my account but the agent won't pay out or complete the transaction?
Agents typically don’t pay, or complete transactions, if they don’t receive credit for the transaction. These rare case is due to a hiccup in the ATM network. If this happens, wait 10 minutes to ensure any late reversal to your account has occurred and you can try again. If the agent is not doing enough to resolve your situation please send us a message on, call 09078767326 or contact us on WhatsApp 09078767326.

5. How much money can I make as an agent?
Agents can make over N100,000 per month depending on their location. Many agents place themselves at the intersection of commerce and traffic, so markets and main commuting junctions allow them to serve transactions to underserved consumers on-the-go.

6. Are you registered?
Yes we are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC 1507534). Additionally, we have partnered with a leading mobile money operator and agent network; the largest consumer bank in the country; and, the #1 POS provider in the nation that manages over 50,000 point of sale (POS) devices.

7. I would like to work with AjoCard; how do I contact you?
Thank you for showing interest in working with us.

If you are a
-    Prospective employee, contact us here.
-    Agents, should fill out the form on this page and our sales team will contact you.
-    Partnerships should be targeted here



1. What is AjoCard lending?
AjoCard lending is a service that gives small and micro businesses access to capital to boost their operations.

2. Who is an AjoCard lending agent?
An AjoCard lending agent is any mobile money agent transacting with AjoCard.  He/she will be responsible for onboarding customers onto the lending program. (Interested agents can contact us to find out more.)

3. Who are the target customers?
Underbanked small business owners and small-scale traders whose turnover is capable of repaying the loan daily.

4. What is the minimum lending amount an AjoCard Agent can access per cycle?
Every agent has a minimum of N250,000 available to lend to his/her customers. This amount can be increased based on the loan repayment behaviour the agent delivers from his/her network.

5. What is the minimum loan amount?
The minimum loan amount is N20,000 per applicant.

6. What is the maximum loan amount?
The maximum loan amount can be as high as N100,000 depending on the repayment behaviour of the customer and their type of business.

7. What is the duration of the loan?
The loan is very short term and repaid in one month, which is 23 days of actual payments. Payment days are from Monday to Saturday.


1. How does AjoCard savings program work?
The savings platform is used to manage daily contributions on behalf of savers. Locally known as adashe, ajo, akawo & esusu, a saver deposits a fixed amount on a daily basis with an agent for a month.

2. How much commission would I earn as an agent?
Savers deposit a fixed amount for 20-25 days in a month. The first day belongs to the agent and the remaining days belong to the saver.

3. How much does AjoCard charge?
AjoCard charges 30% of the first day that belongs to the agent to cover its SMS costs. Each time a customer performs any transaction, i.e., saves or withdraws, AjoCard incurs a cost when we send an SMS alert immediately to the customer’s phone number. This 30% fee offsets these costs.

4. How do I get started?
You start by purchasing membership cards. Which basically serves like an ATM card and can be used to save or withdraw at any AjoCard agent. Each card costs N250. AjoCard sells a minimum of 20 which cost the agent N5,000. The recommended resale price of the card to the customer is N500 per card. Contact us to get started.

5. Can a card be reused?
Yes, the card can be resued each month for savings by the same customer. Also, the card does not expire. However, once a card has been paired with a saver, it cannot be reassigned to a different saver.

6. Can a person contribute beyond his/her default daily amount?
Yes. A person can contribute beyond the daily amount and save for multiple days at once.

7. How often can you withdraw?
There are no withdrawal limits. You can withdraw as many times as you want, from any agent in the AjoCard network.

8. How secure is the customer’s saving?
AjoCard owns a microfinance bank (MFB), which is where all customers’ savings are held. All customers’ savings in the MFB are insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

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