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My one-stop- shop.

AjoCard understands my frustration with the current options available to me. Be it my inability to leave my shop to visit a bank, to the high rates charged by established bank. Or is it the large amounts I have lost to fraudulent traditional ajo collectors.

AjoCard listens and understands my need for a secure, convenient and accessible means to financial services, and that is why their app has a suite of products and services like microsavings, microcredit and health insurance aimed at helping me achieve all my financial goals.

AjoCard is my one-stop-shop!

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Partnerships that empower you.

We believe partnerships are key to driving growth and creating value for your customers. Whether you're a Financial Institution, Licensed Super-Agent, a Personal Banker, or a Government agency, we have the expertise and technology to help you achieve your business objectives

Partner with us

Use Cases.



Seamlessly integrate our savings API into your existing banking system and provide your customers with a hassle-fee way to save money.

With our API, you can offer your customers:

  1. Easy and seamless integration with your existing systems.
  2. Real-time monitoring of savings progress.
  3. Secure and reliable encryption to protect customer data.
Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Our health insurance API is designed to meet the needs of any business looking to provide health insurance to its users. With a user-friendly interface and robust documentation, integrating health insurance into your application has never been easier.

Bulk Funds Disbursement

Bulk Funds Disbursement

AjoCard makes it easy for you to disburse funds quickly and securely. Partner with us to send money to multiple recipients at once securely, without the hassle of handling each payment individually.

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Personal Banker?

Join our growing network of AjoCard Personal Bankers and be a game-changer that transforms the way people access financial services.

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What's in it for you?.

Be a open-market hero

With AjoCard, you can provide financial services to your customers and be viewed as a reliable and trusted provider in your community.

Work at your own pace

You can set your own hours and offer services that fit your customers' needs. Serve customers at any time of the day and anywhere, making it more convenient for them to access financial services.

Earn Extra Income

Earn a commission for every transaction you process through AjoCard. The more transactions you process, the more money you can earn!

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