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Daily savings collections for open-market retailers.

We understand how important it is to save securely for emergencies and the future. Setting aside a small amount daily for your business goals. We simplify this through our network of AjoCard Personal Bankers that make daily savings simple, secure and convenient for all.

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Simple Investment with great returns

Save at your pace
Save at your pace

We give you full control of how, when and where you save your funds with any AjoCard Personal Banker across the country. Your money, your rules.

Safe and secure funds
Safe and secure funds

AjoCard is a licensed financial institution of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and all savings are insured by the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). Your money is safe with us.

Build your financial records
Build your financial records

Stay on top of your financial records by using our card TAP & GO technology. Each time a savings customer transacts, they receive an immediate SMS alert.

Save small small towards your goals.


Adaeze sells vegetables in the open market, and she needs a better way to save to stock up for her shop, than using her traditional ajo, esusu or adashe.


Her friend introduces her to AjoCard, a secure and convenient way to save a fixed amount daily without leaving her shop.

An AjoCard Personal Banker onboards her, gives her an AjoCard membership card, and comes to her shop daily to collect her savings.


Now, she can save money at her own pace and withdraw from any AjoCard Personal Banker anytime, from anywhere, using her membership card.

AjoCard Personal Bankers earn a commission from membership cards sold and a fee on the first (1st) day to go and collect customers' savings.

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